Installing the correct solar power system

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Solar Energy

Powering Your Family’s Future.

Most of us are aware that the cost of electricity is increasing. Intoday’s world we use more devices than ever before. Many of us run computers, multiple televisions, coffee makers and many other small appliances like phone chargers. These all add up to the highest energy usage in history. Increased demand of any commodity or product that is limitedin its production leads to increased prices as investment in infrastructure and resources to meet demand requires capital.

Most of us we have talked about installing a solar system to assist in cutting the bills. We have seen the advertisements in the paper, on the web and on television. But how many of us really understand if a solar energy system is a good option for us and, if it is, which type of system will meet our objectives?

Not All Solar Energy Systems are the Same!

It’s true, not all solar energy systems are the same. The reality is that the options are varied and the system which best suits your family can be as unique as you are. You see, we all use energy differently in our homes and at different times of the day. A variety of factors affect how we use energy in our home. These include the number of people, the age ofthe people and the lifestyle we have. Also our homes vary in shape, size, age and orientation. One size does not fit all!

How do I choose the right Solar System

The right approach is to have your circumstances professionally assessed by a qualified solar expert. This is someone who has been specifically trained and is certified to analyseyour energy usage to ensure your circumstances are fully understood then take you through a process which helps you discover your options and understand the expected outcomes. Only then will you be able to make an educated decision withall the facts.

Ensuring Your Solar Installation is conducted with Care!

We take great pride in ensuring your new solar system is installed with care. Over the years, we’ve learned it’s the small things that make the difference! Wires need to be laid out properly, the method of mounting your panels on the roof is important and the correct installation of the inverter is critical. The fact is, the right solar energy system can significantly reduce your energy bills. Let us analyse your circumstances and provide you with a range of product options taking into account your budget and energy needs. Then we will install your system with care!

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