Domestic Solar Power Geelong

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domestic solar power Geelong

Power your own future

At Velocity Solar we understand that Solar Power is an investment in your future. So following our in home consultation we will design a system to meet your needs and maximise your property’s potential in the most cost efficient way.

Reduce the ongoing electrical costs

Solar power systems in Geelong are becoming more popular as the need for them and the science behind them is better understood. Solar power has helped many Geelong families reduce their unwanted bills by counteracting the rising cost of electricity. They are a mid to long term investment in the customers’ future that can be typically paid off in 5 – 8 years.

Choosing the Right Solar system

There are many different solar power systems to select from at Velocity Solar and our experts can help you choose the system that is right for all your circumstances. We offer free onsite inspections to assess the correct solar panels and solar inverters.

Not every situation will benefit from solar power. Accordingly, our qualified designers will give you accurate expectations taking into account your particular circumstances. Velocity Solar only employs qualified electricians and installers from the Geelong region to assure a quality solar power installation. We believe in treating every installation as if it was our own.

Peace of mind, Local Geelong Solar Company

Velocity Solar is a locally owned and run Geelong family business. It services Geelong and the surrounding areas including Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and South West Victoria.

Your worries of dealing with Melbourne trades and companies can be put to ease with Velocity Solar being a local business we take pride in our work and provide a personal service to all our customers. There is no need to worry about sub-contractors and installers as we provide a complete service from site inspection to completed installation, so you have peace of mind about who will be accessing your property, the quality of the installation and best of all – we do all the paperwork for you.

Quality Design, Quality Installation.

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