Commercial Solar

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commercial solar power geelong

Commercial Solar Power Geelong

Commercial Solar power in Geelong is becoming more popular, Commercial solar systems have a great potential to not only reduce your electrical costs but also create a positive cash flow from year one. Solar power has helped many Geelong organisations reduce those unwanted bills and counteract the rising cost of electricity through installing Solar Power. Commercial Solar power has the ability to pay off the initial cost of investment in 4 – 6 years, Making return on investment (ROI) of up to 25%. With options of leasing though commercial solar can not only reduce your bills but return positive cash flow for your business. See Commercial Solar Finance.

The right commercial solar solution.

Commercial solar needs to be designed correctly. It’s one thing to tell a customer that there premise can fit a certain amount of panels when installing the largest size system can have adverse effects on Return on investment. At Velocity solar we take the time to complete site inspections and complete as accurate as possible Load analysis from retailer. With these figures calculations can be made to decide which system will best suit your needs. Not every commercial solar system is the same. Bigger is not always better. Let Velocity Solar take the hard work out of designing the right commercial solar system for your company.

Low Risk , High Yield Return on investment

Commercial solar power can guarantee 25 years of returns on investment, a return that not many other investments can provide. Commercial solar systems have a high yield but also a low maintenance cost over the life of the system, this with long warrantees make commercial solar a very low risk investment. Installing solar power on your premise will reduce your energy consumption enabling your organisation to reduce that ongoing costs of energy over a long 25 year period. With finance options also available your business can have access to this secure investment without the worry of tying up your business with unnecessary cash flow issues.

Reduce rising electricity costs

When investing in a commercial solar system installation you will be gaining protection against imminent and significant rising electricity costs. Electricity prices have risen significantly (almost 100% in the last 8 years) and are expected to continue increasing at a similar rate over the next few years. Solar provides a free energy source for your company, which translates to consistently lower energy costs. As expected energy prices increase your savings will too,  as the power you produce with your system is always constant from the day of your commercial solar install.ENF

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