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WINAICO has, since its inception, been committed to the next generation of solar professionals. This year Winaico took on there latest intern Yang Yang who commenced in October.  Yang is in his final year studying Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Engineering at UNSW and works with the record breaking Sunswift Solar Racing Team.

In Australia, Winaico has gained almost 3% market share in November and the future looks incredibly good!
He is currently assisting WINAICO Partners with system design, offering detailed technical expertise as well as completing marketing case studies for the purpose of highlighting the achievements of our Partners.  If you would like to speak to him more about your installations, feel free to contact him.

The Sunswift car at All Energy 2014

The WINAICO 5.24kW system, after two years of operation at the Desert Knowledge precinct, is still performing exceptionally well.

In 2015 Winaico will be celebrating their third anniversary of launching WINAICO in Australia as well as Kathleen Ryan’s 20th year of service to the Solar Industry.

WINAICO had many highlights in 2014, to name only a few:

100kW+ system in progress in Brisbane, installed by Positronics using WINAICO High Efficiency 280W PERC modules, the largest installation of its kind in Australia.
94kW system installed atop an iconic building in Australia’s Capital Circle using WINAICO 260W WSP Modules.
84kW system in Eastern Sydney also using the 280W PERC modules
Kathleen Ryan’s presentation at the Barton Save Solar Forum
WINAICO’s Support of the Rally for Renewables.

Press releases and case studies on these and many more installations from across the globe are available on the WINAICO Facebook page.

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