Enphase micro inverters Myth Buster

Myth: ‘Micro inverters only make sense in shaded conditions.’

It is common knowledge that micro inverters provide a significant advantage in shaded conditions over competing string and central inverter systems.

Micro inverters optimize the power production from each individual module to deliver maximum energy from the array; If you get shade on a module, it only affects that one particular module. In contrast, with string and/or central inverters, shading on a single module affects all the modules in that array. Does this mean micro inverters make sense only in areas affected by shade?Not at all.

Solar panel mismatch and derogation

Beyond shade, there are a number of other impacts on a solar array that affect the overall performance. Enphase Micro inverters minimise losses caused by panel mismatch, degradation, cabling, and external factors like soiling. In full sun or shade, you harvest more energy with Enphase Micro inverters. Higher system up time String inverter systems normally lose two percent of their annual output due to inverter outages and maintenance.1

Enphase Systems monitoring capability

Enphase systems have monitoring software that can remotely diagnose and fix problems. As a result, expected annual downtime for our micro inverter systems is significantly less.

Enphase Micro inverters harvest more power

1 Standard system losses are reported in PV Watts, a modelling
program that calculates solar production based on string inverter
specifications. Consistently better performance in all conditions
compared to DC optimisers. Minimising Losses In string inverter systems, module mismatch leads to system-wide inefficiencies because they are limited by the output from the weakest module in the chain. With Enphase’s distributed architecture, modules
operate independently so that no single module can drag down other modules. Soiling caused by dirt or snow on one module does not affect the others. In addition, with the Enphase Micro inverter
System, there is no need to connect modules and inverters with long runs of DC cabling, where energy is lost. Production in low-light conditions In low-light conditions, the Enphase Micro inverter’s Burst Mode allows panels to come on earlier in the morning and turn off later in the day, which allows the system to maintain highly efficient operations during low-light conditions. This feature has been shown to add an additional energy harvest of
0.5% – 1.0% over time.


Enphase micro inverters

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