What is Solar power?

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Solar Power Hits the Road

   Solar power Hits the Road   Consumers have long embraced solar-powered technology as a somewhat “futuristic” way to help power and heat their homes. It’s hard to drive through today’s neighborhoods without spotting at least one home with a roof decked out in solar panels. But now, solar power has found its place on […]

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Lithium Ion batteries – Costs are coming down

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August 30, 2015 Lithium Ion batteries scaling up and costs could drop to $100 per kwh batteries, economic impact, elon musk, future, tesla, world Facebook Twitter linkedin google Reddit Tech giant Google has a secretive team building better batteries, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. Analysts speculate that Apple is doing the […]

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Helping Geelong make a solid solar investment

Torquay Bowls Club

Investing in solar is just that – an investment. When you decide to invest in solar, you do so with a presumption that you will recoup all or part of the costs via savings on your energy bills or selling your un-used energy back to the grid. But, a poor choice in the type and brand of solar panels installed on your home or business can mean the life of the panel can end way before you’ve recovered the cost of your investment.

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Fronius (Austrian) Solar Inverters

FRONIUS – SOLAR INVERTERS Fronius was founded back in 1945 with a background in Welding and battery charging systems.  In 1995 they moved alot of there vocus into a division ( solar electronics) and have never looked back from here.  There dedication to improvements and customer service have made Fronius a house hold name in […]

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How to Clean Solar panels

Cleaning solar panels   Solar panels are the best and most efficient form of renewable energy for domestic houses in the Geelong and Surf coast area. There is no set golden rule as to how to clean your solar panels. There are some simple rules to follow but its comment sense. You wouldn’t clean your […]

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Hybrid Battery Solar Systems

HYBRID SOLAR SYSTEMS Battery Capability   This year is fastly becoming the year of the Hybrid solar system. With the press release from Tesla – regarding the solar battery wall system.  Alot of enquiries have been coming through. We have seen in the last few months the release of SMA’s TL Hybrid, Samsung’s ESS system, […]

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N type solar cells, the way of the future

 Solar panels – N Type Silicon A lot of research is being conducted on n-type silicon-based photovoltaic technologies. The results look promising and it should take a large slice of the market pie in the years to come. More and more companies are considering n-type solar cells because of the higher efficiency potential of these […]

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solar panel prices

Cost of Solar Power in Geelong due to $AU For those contemplating Solar power. Now is an ideal time to go solar, with looming price hikes of Solar panels and railing solar could provide the answer.The price of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels are rising sharply due to the big drop in the $AU vs th $US […]

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Geelong Solar Installer Wanted

Quality Geelong solar installers

Velocity Solar in Geelong is looking for a CEC accredited Solar installer (SUB CONTRACTOR)   Velocity Solar has always taken pride in the work that we do. The whole process is important from the initial consultation through to the design of the system. All the way through to install, commissioning and paperwork.  Velocity Solar is […]

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