Velocity Solar in Ballarat

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Velocity Solar is Ballarat’s premier solar design and installation company serving residential and commercial clients. While many solar companies offer dirt-cheap solar modules, we deliver cutting-edge solar panels Ballarat at affordable prices. As an industry leading company, we only select products that are certified and designed to withstand Australia’s extreme weather.

Eliminate Your Power Bill

Electricity prices are on the rise. Savvy homeowners are turning to solar power in Ballarat to reduce their electricity bills. Our high-efficiency panels produce 20% more energy than conventional panels. On a roof, the panels generate lots of energy per square foot. With more power available, homeowners benefit from great electricity production and a fast return on their investment. Since the panels are built with safety and durability in mind, they last for years. What’s more, they add value to your home.

Velocity Solar is focused on saving you big bucks! A solar system from us is designed to reduce your monthly power expenses. All clients save on their energy bills and avoid future rate increases.

Cutting-Edge Premium Technology

Solar technologies are rapidly and constantly developing. At Velocity Solar, we consistently scan the market for the best and newest solar products. We do so to provide you with the most advanced, efficient and reliable solutions. By us negotiating with manufactures Australia-wide, you get an affordable system. Our products are proofed and certified to perform under severe conditions.

Solar Installation in Ballarat Simplified

For most clients – commercial and residential – the roof is the best spot for solar panel installation. If the roof isn’t sturdy or suitable, other mounting options are available, including ground mount and shade awnings.

Velocity Solar makes quick work of solar installation. We’ll oversee the entire project and be accountable throughout the life of your system. We’re successful thanks to our experience designing and installing quality solar Ballarat.

How Velocity Solar Works

Every project starts with a free consultation to see if solar power is right for you. During the first visit, we’ll inspect your roof and discuss your energy use. If everything looks good, we’ll prepare a customised quote. There are no hidden fees.

Our energy consultations are comprehensive, complementary and a great way to learn about solar power and its benefits.

Once we have the measurements of your roof, our solar engineers will design a system based on your energy needs and home dimensions. Solar installation takes only one day. We’ll do the work on a day that’s convenient for you. Don’t worry about permits and inspections – we have that covered. Start generating clean, affordable energy once the solar panels in Ballarat are up and running.

Best Customer Experience

People compliment us on our good service, timely install and affordable rates. Clients trust our work because of our professional experience, excellent reputation and passion for customer service. That said, let us help you transform the way you power your residence or workplace.

Ready to make the switch to better and more efficient solar in Ballarat? Get in touch with us to arrange a free solar consultation.

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