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Helping Geelong make a solid Solar investment

Investing in solar is just that – an investment. When you decide to invest in solar, you do so with a presumption that you will recoup all or part of the costs via savings on your energy bills or selling your un-used energy back to the grid.

But, a poor choice in the type and brand of solar panels installed on your home or business can mean the life of the panel can end way before you’ve recovered the cost of your investment.

Velocity Solar don’t take chances when it comes to solar panels and only recommend Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturers – these are quality manufacturers that are recognised by the industry as producing panels that offer:

  • Efficient production of energy for maximum power output.
  • Panels with quality components – not all solar panel manufacturers produce each of the components that make up their panels. It’s important to not only have an understanding of who the panel manufacturer is, but also where they source their materials and components.
  • A commitment to research and development. The solar industry is fast-moving with new technological advances improving the efficiency of energy collection, as well as the longevity of systems. You want panels from manufacturers committed to using the latest, proven technologies.
  • A solid company that offers a long warranty. A 20 or 25-year performance warranty is only of any use if the manufacturer is still around to honor the warranty if something should go wrong.

So how can YOU know which are the best solar panel manufacturers? If you’re not part of the solar industry, good chance you’re going to have a lot of difficulty working that out.

Geelong solar company Velocity Solar don’t expect families and businesses looking to invest in solar energy to know the answers. We find the answers for you and only recommend quality solar panels from quality manufacturers so you can make your investment with peace-of-mind.

If you’re thinking of solar and are not sure what you’re being offered is quality – our Geelong solar experts would welcome a call and the opportunity to provide great advice on the best panels on the market.

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Solar inverter certifications

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Velocity Solar / Daqo270 Watt Solar panels
Velocity Solar / Daqo270 Watt Solar panels


When choosing your solar inverter for your solar installation in the Geelong region make sure your inverter is certified.

This release from the CEC below

Save Solar in Geelong and Victoria


Dear Geelong Residents and solar specialists,

You may already be aware that the Australian Solar Council has been hosting solar forums around the country.

This Thursday the 9th of October – they will be hosting the ‘Save Money. Save Solar’ forum in Ringwood, Victoria.

I understand that Ringwood is not the most convenient location for many people, but we thought it was important you were notified.

Date: Thursday 9th of October 

Time: 6pm – 8pm 

Place: Karralyka Centre, Corner Mines Road and Wilson Street, Ringwood East 


We have been asked by John Grimes the CEO of the Australian Solar Council to invite you and your networks to this important event for the Victorian solar industry.


Attached is a ‘Save Money. Save Solar’, flyer that can be distributed to people you think might be interested. Christine Milne will be speaking at the event, along with members of the Labor and Palmer United Party.

We hope to see you there.


Kind regards,

Save solar