Brad Ott – About Me

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Slate Roof
Slate Roof

Brad Ott is dedicated to producing excellent results for his clients every time he installs a quality solar power generation system. With over 10 years’ experience providing sound advice and service in the electrical industry, he understands it is his commitment to delivering exemplary results that contributes to his clients’ sense of satisfaction.

“When it comes to solar system installations, I confess to being very fussy,” says Brad. “The panel angle must be right, the brackets holding the panels must be sturdy enough to withstand high-velocity wind gusts, the inverter must be able to cope with the electrical load generated and all the connections must be secure and protected from the elements. Only then will their new system meet my clients’ expectations.”

Like all business people, Brad wants to grow his business. However, as his business model is based on clients generating referrals for him, he simply must regularly exceed their expectations so they will say complimentary things about him. Consequently, thanks to his fussy approach, his business is growing because he supplies quality products, excellent service and a friendly nature that his clients relate to.

So, if you are seeking advice about solar electricity generation systems, contacting Brad Ott would be a sensible place to start. His expertise, products, advice and business model will help you achieve your goal.

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